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How Is An Online Title Loan Different From A Regular Title Loan?

Those looking for an easier way to get emergency cash without visiting a store, may find online title loans a better fitting option. In this post, we’ll talk about 2 ways of obtaining a title loan which will help you make the right choice in the way you approach the process.

Title Loans: A Financial Safety Net For People With Bad Credit

Title loans (otherwise known as title pawns) are short-term loans where you use your vehicle title as collateral. You can borrow up to $15,000 cash with Idaho Title Loans, Inc. The exact loan amount you can get will depend on your vehicle model and condition. That is determined during the vehicle inspection and follows industry-accepted guidelines.

Some people think they need to surrender their cars, but that’s not true at all! Instead, a lien is placed on the title until you’re done paying off the loan. So, if you use your car to go to work or run your business, the loan won’t interfere with your everyday routine.

What Are Online Title Loans, And How Are They Different From Regular Title Loans?

Some lenders like Idaho Title Loans, Inc. allow you to apply for title loans through the Internet. There is no “big” difference in terms of the kind of product you get. However, it does differ in the kind of service, and the quality of your customer experience. Put it simple: with online title loans, no store visit is required.

Think of your favorite pizza. You could drive to the other side of the town, worry about parking, and then stand in line to order it. Or you could just call them and have it delivered. Which one sounds better?

That’s how an online title loan works. You get the same benefits of a title loan, but with far less effort and stress. And if you’re busy with work, or a senior or PWD who has difficulty getting around, an online title loan is definitely the more viable option.

What Should I Look For In An Online Title Loan?

Just like some pizzas are better than others, some online lenders stand out because of their superior service.

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Good Customer Service

With Idaho Title Loans, Inc., you still get the benefit of one-on-one interaction with a human being. We don’t use chatbots or direct you to a vaguely worded FAQ. We put great value in communication and customer satisfaction, so even our “online” service is very personal.

Right after you send an online query form, one of our loan representatives will call you back. You can ask questions or make clarifications, so by the time you go to the office you already have all the information you need.

Convenience Of The Process

The entire process for online title loans is created with customers’ personal comfort in mind. You don’t need to spend time and gas going to a store to get your vehicle inspected. All you need is choose the location that’s comfortable for you to meet with one of our agents, and they’ll drive to meet you there and finalize the process.


Some people are wary of working with online businesses, because of the proliferation of scammers or fly-by-night companies.

That’s why it’s important choose the lender with a good reputation and all the signs of being a legitimate business. You know that Idaho Title Loans, Inc. is someone you can trust, because it has a physical address, it’s easy to contact them, and it has a transparent process.

Beware of online lenders who only have a sloppy address, do not reply to emails or calls, and will ask you to pay for fees even before you get the loan amount.

Do I Qualify For An Online Title Loan?

Unlike traditional bank loans, an online title loan does not have a lot of requirements. You do not have to have a high credit score. Idaho Title Loans, Inc. works with people from all types of credit backgrounds.

The most important factor for approval is the vehicle title. It must be registered under your name and be lien-free. That means it is already fully paid for and does not have any outstanding loans or judgments against it.

If the vehicle title is not in your name, or is owned by several people, you need to go to the DMV to have it transferred.

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Get An Online Title Loan Now!

Are you interested in getting a title loan, or do you have any questions or concerns? We’ll be happy to answer them personally. Fill out the query form for car title loans online, and one of our representatives will call you back and personally walk you through the process.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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