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5 Unconventional Tips For A Jolly Christmas On A Budget

Americans routinely spend up to $1000 on holiday expenses. So, there’s no surprise there are plenty of Christmas-on-a-budget guides online, teaching stressed out people how to spend less and enjoy the time more.

Classic Christmas-on-a-budget tips include having a pre-determined budget, sticking to dollar stores and thrift stores, using old and/or DIY decorations, etc. And often it’s still not enough. Especially, when the money is tight.

Here are our 5 additional, slightly unconventional tips for Christmas on a budget, you can add to all the classic ones:

Here’s How To Celebrate Christmas On A Budget

1. Don’t Spend On Décor

That’s right. Cut the décor spending from the budget entirely. If you have old decorations – that’s great! If you can DIY your own without spending – also great! No matter how bad you are, I bet you can cut some snowflakes from printer paper.

But really, you’re bound to have something Christmas-y (a Santa doll, ornate plates, an on-theme candle holder), and whatever you have is enough. Add a few fir branches if you can get them without spending a dime, and you’re good!

2. Dig Through Your Items For Gifts!

Gifts are typically the biggest strain on a holiday budget. So, if you’re determined to have Christmas on a budget, cut down on this one expense line as much as you can.

All of us have unused or barely-used items at home – be it a book we’ve read only once, accessories we got in a spur of the moment, coffee mugs we liked at the store but haven’t touched because the old one is comfier, gifts other people gave us that aren’t really us. Go through your things and put as much as you can aside for Christmas gifts, before starting the actual shopping.

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3. Cook A Few Dishes You Enjoy, Not A Feast!

Another large expense item during holidays? Food. Somehow there’s a belief that unless the Christmas feast looks like a buffet, you’re doing it wrong.

I remember plenty of barely-touched dishes during my family’s Christmas gatherings that usually ended up being eaten by 2 people out of 10. And while leftovers are the best, they’re for the next morning, not the next two weeks for a couple of people.

A great way to have a Christmas on a budget? Cook just a few dishes you know EVERYONE will enjoy and stick to that. And if you get roped into hosting? Hold a potluck and ask people to come with one dish of their own. Now that will truly be Christmas on a budget for you all.

4. Make Use Of Free Events

There are plenty of free events being held during Christmas time every year. While I’m not sure how the ongoing pandemic will influence local free concerts, Christmas markets (you don’t have to actually spend on more than a cup of hot chocolate and a snack there!), etc. – you should still check out options in your area.

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