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Idaho Christmas Traditions And Activities To Try This Year And Every Year

Idaho has a plethora of Christmas traditions and activities you definitely need to try this year, including:

  • Attending the Tuba Christmas Concert at the Idaho State Capital Building
  • Creating and looking at snow sculptures
  • Plunging into ice-cold water
  • Going to see the tallest living Christmas tree in the country
  • Ringing in the new year with the Idaho Potato Drop
  • Cutting down your own Christmas tree
  • Attending the Retro Christmas Festival

Throughout this article, we'll help you get into the Idaho Christmas spirit and give you some ideas of what to do this year and the next. We’ll also explain how Idaho title loans may come in handy around Christmas time.

7 Unique Idaho Christmas Traditions And Activities

1. Attending The Tuba Christmas Concert At The Idaho State Capital Building

The Tuba Christmas concert takes place at the Idaho State Capital Building every year. It's free to attend, and it's an absolute must-visit. Listening to your favorite festive tunes played live in the marble-clad building is truly breathtaking.

2. Creating And Looking At Snow Sculptures

Creating snow sculptures is a fun (and free!) way to spend a weekend with your loved ones. However, you can't call yourself a true Idaho Christmas tradition expert without attending the McCall Winter Carnival to look at professional snow sculptures. At the carnival, you'll find dozens upon dozens of complex and ultra-impressive snow sculptures everywhere you look. You may have sculpture envy by the end of it, but it'll undoubtedly inspire you!

3. Plunging Into Ice Cold Water

Nothing says "fresh start" like spending the first day of the new year plunging into freezing cold water. Every year, hundreds of Idahoans dive into the ice water at Lucky Peak Reservoir for Idaho's Great Polar Bear Challenge hosted by Make-A-Wish. The challenge raises money for children living in the state with critical illnesses. Yes, it may sound crazy. But it's for a fantastic cause and is a rite of passage at this point!

Idaho christmas jumping into ice water

4. Going To See The Tallest Living Christmas Tree In The Country

That's right — Idaho boasts the tallest living Christmas tree in the whole of the United States of America! It stands at a whopping 162 feet tall, and they decorate it with 40,000 lights and a ten-foot star tree topper every year.

5. Ringing In The New Year With The Idaho Potato Drop

The potato drop is the iconic Idaho Christmas tradition that has to be seen to be believed. The festival is free to attend and supports local artists, charities, and businesses. And yes, there is a potato, and it is, indeed, dropped.

6. Cutting Down Your Own Christmas Tree

As any true Idahoan knows, your Christmas tree isn't really your own unless you've gone out and cut it yourself. There are plenty of places across the state that allow you to do this. You may love it so much you add it to your family's traditions!

7. Attending The Retro Christmas Festival

If you love a retro-themed festival, you'll love this Idaho activity! The two-weekend carnival features caroling, crafts, hayrides, and tree-lighting!

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