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10 Enticing Tips To Investing Small Amounts Of Money

Those living on low income and thinking about ways to secure their financial future may benefit from investing small amounts of money in the long run. Indeed, constructing a positive financial future for yourself is essential. Not only will it protect you, but your family too.

People often think that they need thousands upon thousands of dollars before setting foot on the path to monetary security. But that's far from the truth – you can start investing small amounts of money and still enjoy the results of your efforts in the future. And we're going to show you ten ways you can do it.

10 Top Tips For Investing Small Amounts Of Money

1. Use A Robo-Advisor

Robo-advisors, believe it or not, have been around for quite a while. They are the perfect way to start investing small amounts of money, because it makes the whole process accessible and simple. They ask you a few questions to figure out your goal and risk level. After that, they invest your money in a diverse, low-cost portfolio of stocks and bonds.

As time goes on, robo-advisors use high-tech algorithms to consistently balance your portfolio to stand you in good stead for the future.

2. Take Advantage Of Your Employer's Retirement Plan

If you don't want to entrust your money to a robo-advisor, use your employer's retirement plan instead.

You can begin by investing just one percent of your salary into the retirement plan. The amount is so small you'll barely notice it. And after that, it becomes easier to increase the amount each year or every six months gradually.

3. Try A Low Initial Investment Mutual Fund

These funds let you invest in a variety of stocks and bonds with one transaction. Most of these programs require high minimum investments. But you can find some mutual fund companies (Transamerica, for example) that let you start with $50 to $100.

4. Drip Feed Your Money

Investing small amounts of money regularly is a reliable way to build a positive financial future. Your investments won't be as swayed by any short-term market moves since you're constantly feeding them.

5. Invest Into Stocks And Shares ISA

Once you start this kind of ISA, your money is protected against tax. It allows you to keep even more of what you earn!

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6. Put Your Money In US Treasury Securities

You won't get rich with them, but they're easy to buy using the US Treasury's bond portal. You can buy government securities from 30 days to 30 years maturity times for as low as $100.

7. Make An Account With M1 Finance

M1 Finances lets you automatically in verticals, ETFs, and stocks for free. It has the largest portfolio of no-fee investments, making it perfect for beginners.

8. Get Into Real Estate

Companies like Fundrise let you invest in real estate without needing to flip houses or be a landlord. Instead, it allows you to invest in developments and make money when they make money. If you have at least $500, it's one of the best ways to get started.

9. Try Dividend Reinvestment Plans

Otherwise known as DRIPS, they let you invest small amounts into stocks of dividend-paying companies. Usually, you won't have to pay investment fees, and you can build your investment over the years by making regular contributions.

10. Use An Online Brokerage Firm

Sofi, ZacksTrade, and Wealthsimple let you easily invest small amounts online. Brokerage firms give you a wide variety of choices, and some even come with no minimum deposits.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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