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Feeling the Holiday Pressure? Here Are 10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

The holidays are a hectic time. It’s pretty common for a person to forget to buy a gift for a loved one until they come face to face with the fact that there’re are literally a couple of hours left till the get-together, and their hands are still empty.

So, if you’re one of those people who’ve left the gift-buying till the last minute, don’t give up just yet. You’re not the only one, and while that’s probably not a good thing, it does mean that a solid list of last-minute gift ideas has been created over the years for people just like you. Here are some of our favorites! We’ll also show you how you can secure emergency loan money through title cash loans.

10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

1. A Gift Card

While it might seem a little impersonal, most people will actually enjoy a gift card from a store they frequent more than they let on. After all, the gift card allows them to buy exactly what they want.

2. A Book

Is your friend a reader? Then you can’t go wrong with the latest bestseller! While there’s always a chance they might not like the book in question – they will appreciate the thought. And they likely wanted to check out that release anyway! So, if they don’t like it, they’ll be even happier they weren’t the one to spend the money on it.

3. Jewelry

A jewelry piece is always a very hit-or-miss gift (I, personally, have received more than a few pieces I’ve never used), but it’s a classic for a reason. If you have no time to think about personalized gifts, this one works.

4. A Mug

What matters with this one is how it’s personalized. Choose a mug with a funny print you know will make your loved one smile – or a positive/inspiring quote that feels like something they’d enjoy.

5. A Planner

Most people love nice stationary, even if they never use them. A pretty planner for the upcoming year is always a solid choice. Will it get used? Likely not. Will the recipient enjoy having it on their desk? Likely yes.

6. A Lighter

If your friend’s a smoker, then a lighter is never extra. Especially one with a nice design.

7. A Scarf, Hat, or Mittens

Holiday-themed warm accessories are also classic. But do try not to buy them for people who won’t use them – it’ll just annoy them.

8. Sweets

Do they like sweets? Then a box of chocolates might be the best gift. Want to take it a step further? Shell out for the expensive stuff they wouldn’t indulge in themselves. That’ll surely be a hit.

9. A Bottle of Their Favorite Beverage

Alcohol is never extra on holidays. If you have no idea what the prospective recipient would enjoy – go with the alcohol.

10. Something from Your Clutter

If you need to be out the door right now, grab something from your own clutter – but make sure it’s in good condition! An unused scented candle or a tube of lipstick, a piece of jewelry you never use, a new book! All of these will work – as long as you take care of festive packaging.

The idea behind these gifts is that you can grab them in a nearby store (or even from your own things!), without having to spend a lot of time choosing. And as long as you know at least a little bit about your loved one’s preferences – they’ll still seem thoughtful! No one ever has to know you got them last minute.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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