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An Essential Guide To Thanksgiving On A Budget

Are you looking for ways to host a Thanksgiving on a budget? We understand how you feel – it can be quite a challenge to cut costs and host that perfect holiday dinner.

If there’s one thing Thanksgiving is known for – even in the countries that don’t celebrate it – it’s a big feast with a variety of seasonal dishes. It’s hard to imagine Thanksgiving without a multi-course, Turkey-centric dinner. So, when someone mentions having Thanksgiving on a budget it might seem a bit like blasphemy.

The devil is in the details though! You can easily have Thanksgiving on a budget and still make it an impressive affair. Read on to learn how.

How To Have Thanksgiving On A Budget

1. Set A Shopping List Ahead of Time

Have you ever found yourself looking at your pantry/freezer/refrigerator after Thanksgiving shopping and wondering what half the stuff is even doing there? When shopping without a game plan, we often tend to overspend. Especially if we’re shopping for special occasions and are afraid to miss out. This can easily be mitigated by having a predetermined shopping list. Simply stick to it while doing the shopping, and don’t waste time on window shopping.

2. Have A Budget And Stick To It!

While we’re at it – the shopping plan should work in tandem with your budget. How much can you spend on your Thanksgiving celebrations without tearing a hole in your finances and having to scramble to cover necessary monthly expenses? That’s the amount you’ll be working with.

3. Keep The Menu Short And Simple!

Do not overcomplicate things, I cannot stress this enough. Sometimes more is… unnecessary. Hosting Thanksgiving on a budget is much easier when you skip the dishes no one likes. Stick to big hearty portions with well-beloved food you know people will go for several servings of. Yes, this goes for traditional items as well. If your family doesn’t enjoy a certain dish, then there’s no need to spend money and time on it, even if it’s a traditional Thanksgiving affair.

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4. Go Cheap On The Turkey!

Turkey is a must, even for a Thanksgiving on a budget (unless your entire family is vegetarian). That doesn’t mean you can’t do turkey on a budget.

  1. Choose frozen over the fresh bird. If properly thawed and treated, you won’t notice even a little difference. Especially, considering you’ll be using stuffing, aromatics, spices, and grease on it.
  2. Buy the bird before the Thanksgiving season sets in, if your freezer allows. Even a couple of months in advance. Turkey – like every other product traditionally attached to certain events – will get more expensive around Thanksgiving. Don’t overpay.

5. Stock Up The Pantry And Freezer In Advance!

In fact, buy as many of the items on your list as possible in advance. Non-perishables and frozen foods can be kept for several months with no harm to their quality. If you ever catch anything on your list on a sale – grab it up and stick it in the freezer/pantry. It will also let you divide the Thanksgiving dinner costs over several paychecks, significantly lessening the financial strain.

6. Share The Costs If Possible!

This can work for you in two ways:

  1. Buy in bulk and divide costs between several like-minding friends who also want to have Thanksgiving on a budget. Costco is your friend, especially when things are on sale.
  2. Hold a potluck-style celebration if the extended family is coming. Like a good host you can be graciously responsible for Turkey, but don’t feel shy about asking for one dish from each arriving party. And a bottle of booze as well, if you’re drinkers. Alcohol, after all, is expensive.

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Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to be excessive in order to be enjoyable, especially when you’re in a pinch. With our simple tips and tricks, you’re sure to host a nice Thanksgiving without overspending.

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