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The Best Way To Experience Fall In Idaho

From hiking to fishing to soaking in the springs, there are plenty of great ways to experience fall in Idaho. No matter how you decide to spend this season, the state has something for everyone. 

We've rounded up the five best ways to experience Idaho in the fall, take a look below.

The 5 Best Ways To Experience Fall In Idaho

1. Hike To Marshall Ridge

First, we suggest hiking to Marshall Ridge during autumn in Idaho. Heading to the destination via Fishhook Creek Trailhead is a short (roughly 2.74 miles) hike that provides uninterrupted views of the Sawtooth Mountains.

But why is fall the best time to walk this trail? Because the aspen trees are golden. You won't see anything else like it.

We recommend tackling the hike like this:

  1. Begin by Redfish Lake, parking your car across the street. 
  2. Follow the trail to the first fork and continue straight ahead to Fishhook Creek. 
  3. After walking through a gentle forest, you'll find another fork. 
  4. Take the right track. It heads up the side of the ridge toward Marshall Lake.
  5. Go through the aspen forest to the top, and you'll get a superb view of the Sawtooth Mountains. 
  6. Stop to enjoy the view or continue traversing the ridge line to get to Thompson Peak. 

2. Camp At The Coyote Yurts

Consider this the most relaxing way to experience Idaho in the fall. With 360-degree mountain views, it's the backcountry paradise you've been searching for. 

The Coyote Yurts are nestled inside the Sawtooth National Forest and maintained by Sun Valley Trekking. 

The yurts contain everything you need for a sublime weekend getaway regardless of the season (although fall is our preferred time to go). 

Horseback riding, skiing, and mountain biking are all common activities in the area. So, if you're up for an adventure, it's certainly the right time to go. 

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3. Go To The Kirkham Hot Springs

Sat between the South Fork of the Payette River, you'll find the legendary hot springs and waterfalls. They all have different temperatures, so you're bound to find one just to your liking.

Soaking here in the fall in Idaho is a truly ethereal experience. Hot water cascades over the cliff into the pools, so you'll feel as though you're languishing in the most luxurious shower. 

Kirkham Hot Springs are easy to find — you'll see the steam roughly five miles past Lowman. Just keep in mind there is a $5 fee to park your vehicle (although, it's more than worth it). 

4. See The Fall Scenery In Boise

Boise's nickname is "The City of Trees." So, you can put money on the fact that the fall scenery is majestic. Plus, the city puts on a bunch of fall activities to keep residents and tourists entertained while the weather grows colder. Then take a drive and enjoy the leaves along the way during your scenic road trip.

5. Fish At Palisades Reservoir

On the Idaho-Wyoming border, the Palisades Reservoir is a breathtaking body of water well-known for its fishing opportunities. During fall in the state, you can expect to see some gorgeous foliage when driving around the reservoir before stopping off to enjoy a bit of fishing in the crisp yet refreshing air.

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