Idaho road trip destinations

10 Fun Things To See On Your Idaho Road Trip

All you need to enjoy the best of Idaho is your car! Follow our Idaho road trip guide and discover the state’s top scenic spots – without spending a lot of money. And if you run into any emergencies, you should check out car title loans Idaho for help.

Idaho Road Trip: 10 Must-See Places

1. Hells Canyon National Recreation Area

America’s deepest canyon plunges almost 8,000 feet into the Earth, earning its rather ominous name as a backdoor into the Underworld. But ironically, this place actually feels like paradise, with its 360-degree view of open sky, stunning mountain ranges, colorful rock formations, and the sparkling waters of the canyon river.

You can take a jet boat tour, hike along the trails, have a picnic lunch, go birdwatching, and more. It’s worth getting a guide who can tell you more about the wildlife and the historical artifacts that were discovered in the area.

2. Lake Coeur D’Alene

This is a great Idaho road trip destination for families! Aside from offering 135 miles of scenic shoreline, it’s home to Silverwood Theme Park – the largest in the Northwest – and the Coeur d’Alene Resort – famous for its floating golf course and world-class facilities.

You can go kayaking, fishing, or try dozens of bike trails and hiking trails. If you have time, stay overnight on one of its boathouses or camping grounds.

3. Route Of The Hiawatha

You’ll want to take hundreds of pictures at this stop on your Idaho road trip. The Route of Hiawatha is a converted rail-trail, which spans 15 miles of beautiful Nature, train tunnels, and trestle bridges. You can rent a mountain bike—it’s an easy downhill ride—and then take a shuttle service back to your car.

4. Sawtooth National Recreation Area

No Idaho road trip would be complete without visiting the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. This has over 700 miles of mountain trails, 300 alpine lakes, and tons of recreational activities. You can go hiking or backpacking, or spend the whole day fishing. If you’re looking for some thrills, try water sports like rafting or canoeing.

The Visitor’s Center also has audio tours and natural history exhibits, to help you get to know more of the area’s diverse wildlife and plant life. If you have time, stay overnight at the well-equipped campsites.

5. Craters Of The Moon

Prehistoric volcanic activity helped create this other-worldly landscape. You’ll find lava tubes, cinder cones, fissures — and over 750,000 acres of fascinating rock formations that you won’t find anywhere else. Be sure to walk to the top of the Inferno Cone to get the best view of the area.

6. Yellowstone Bear World

This is one of the most popular Idaho road trip destinations. Drive through the recreational park and see wildlife up close — deer, bison, moose, elk, wolves, and of course, grizzly bears! You even have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pet adorable bear cubs and take pictures with them.

If you’re going on a family Idaho road trip, we definitely recommend including this in your itinerary. But who are we kidding — even adults will be chanting “Yellowstone! Yellowstone!” as you drive up to its gates.

7. Museum Of Idaho

This should also be part of any family Idaho road trip. The museum is a fun, interactive educational experience. It has first-class exhibits on both natural history and culture, from Eagle Rock to the Race for Atomic Power, and even key milestones in local Idaho history.

8. Shoshone Falls

Niagara who? The Shoshone Falls is actually taller, reaching a breath-taking 212-feet tall. It’s best to visit this area during spring or early summer when the water flow is at its strongest and highest.

Don’t just take a picture and leave. You can spend a whole day here — it has picnic areas, playgrounds, hiking trails, and even a large swimming area.

9. Balanced Rock

This rock looks like a unique sculpture — albeit a 40-ton, 48-foot tall sculpture that could never be recreated by man. Rather, it was shaped by a millennium of exposure to wind and the elements. Take lots of pictures to add to your Idaho road trip album.

10. Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park

The sand dunes aren’t just amazing to look at; you can actually rent a sandboard and take a one-of-a-kind ride down its slopes. Come here in the late afternoon so it isn’t as warm, and stay long enough to get a view of the night sky from its observatory.


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