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Frugal Tips To Stay Warm Without A High Heating Bill

Staying warm this winter without increasing your heating bill can help you save more money for things you need or want, especially as we get deeper into the holiday season.

That’s why we put together a list of the best tips we could think of that can help you stay warm this winter! And we’ll also tell you different for affording your heating bill, including making use of online installment loans in Idaho.

Ways To Increase The Warmth Without Increasing The Bills

1. Wear More Clothes

If you’re cold, adding on more layers always helps. Even though you may feel silly wearing several layers in your home, they can help you stay warm without changing your heating bill at all. Especially try to cover your head, neck, and feet because these are the areas where you lose heat the fastest.

2. Invest In New Blankets and Sheets

Blankets and sheets can keep you warm while you’re chilling on the couch or sleeping. If you only have cotton blankets, check out flannel and wool blankets and sheets instead. Flannel and wool will help you stay warmer than regular cotton.

3. Close Your Blinds At Night

Before the sun goes down, make sure to close your blinds. During the day, open blinds allow the sun in, which heats up your house. Once the sun goes down, that heat will escape through the windows. By closing the blinds before the sunset, you retain more heat from the day.

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4. Add More Insulation

If you suspect that you have a draft in between your windowpanes, add more insulation and sealant. You can purchase plastic insulation kits for cheap, and they are super easy to install. Insulation and proper sealing can go a long way in keeping the hot air in, which means you don’t have to use as much hot air.

5. Remove Window Units

Many people make the mistake of leaving AC window units inside the window during the winter. Even if you are not using the unit, they make your home feel colder because there are more gaps in the window. Remove window units entirely and store them in a safe location until the summer.

6. Drink Warm Beverages

There’s a reason why warm beverages are associated with the wintertime. By drinking something warm, you feel warmer from the inside out. Drinks like apple cider, hot tea, hot chocolate, and even warm lemon water can help you stay warm while also hydrating yourself.

7. Close All Unused Rooms

Whenever you leave bedroom or closet doors open when not in use, you end up spending more money on your heating bill because the heat is being dispersed over more locations. Keep all doors shut when not in use so that you can trap heat into each individual room.

8. Get Moving

Although not everyone will like this advice, you can get warm by exercising and moving. As you know, moving around will naturally warm you up. You can do at-home exercises, or you can simply walk around your home and do chores.

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9. Get Space Heaters

If you are particularly cold and cannot get warm with the above-mentioned tips, you can use a space heater instead. If you choose a space heater, make sure that you are responsible for it. Always turn it off when you are not in the room and only use it if your rental contract allows it.

And If My Bill Is Still High?

If you want to save money on your heating bill because you already cannot afford it, it’s important to know your options to ensure that you have heat this winter. Even though the situation may feel difficult, there are simple ways that you can get heat, even if you are strapped for cash.

First of all, contact local agencies to see if there are any local, state, or federal initiatives to help cover utility costs. These sorts of funds may be able to help you keep your heat and utilities on when you can’t afford them. can help you find programs when you can’t pay for your bills.

If you don’t qualify for any of the funds or programs offered by the government, you can also consider online installment loans from Idaho Title Loans, Inc. for help. Our short-term loans serve as an option whenever Idaho residents are in emergency situations and unable to pay needed bills.

How To Get An Online Installment Loans?

Signature installment loans allow you to pay back the bill in fixed intervals that you agree on beforehand. These installments are beneficial because they allow you more time to afford the cost you covered using your loan.

To qualify for this type of financing, you can get started by filling out our online inquiry form for a signature installment loan in Idaho. A representative will contact you shortly to inform you of the required documents and set up an in-store appointment so that you can continue your process. Once you get to the appointment, your documents will be reviewed and if you qualify, you can get the money you need by the next business day at the latest!

Stay Warm This Winter Without Burning Your Cash

Follow our tips to minimize the cost of heating this winter without giving up how warm you feel. Combining several tips together will ensure you stay toasty throughout the coldest nights.

But if you need help affording your heating bill, consider the local and federal programs that may offer help and the signature installment loans offered by Idaho Title Loans, Inc. today. Submit an online form right now to find out if you qualify. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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