4 requirements to qualify for a cash advance

The 4 Requirements To Qualify For A Cash Advance In Idaho

Cash advances in Idaho are a popular option today for many reasons. They are a fast, easy way for many people to get the money they need to pay for an unexpected situation without going through the hassle of applying for a bank loan.

These financing alternatives are simple to understand. A cash advance, or payday loan, is based on the earnings you get from your job. The amount you get is based on your proven paycheck. 

Those with bad credit can still apply for a payday advance in Idaho, which makes this a viable funding solution for many people caught on the downside of an inflationary economy.

Cash advance companies don't typically check credit reports as part of the eligibility process nor do they report your loan to the major bureaus. That means that applying or taking out a cash advance in Idaho won't change a credit status.

Those who have been turned down by loans before may be nervous about a cash advance in Idaho. That's understandable but it is a simple, easy financing option to apply for and possibly get approved. 

A cash advance in Idaho only has four requirements and most people will find they can meet those without a problem. 

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Idaho Cash Advance Requirements

1. You Must Be 18 Years Old

One of the basic requirements for getting a payday advance is that you are 18 years old. You must be considered a legal adult to get any financing and that is standard across the board for any loan company or financial institution. That holds true even if you are living on your own, married, have a child, or are in any number of situations. 

2. You Must Be An Idaho Resident

Cash advance companies are regulated by state laws and each state has different rules and policies regarding these types of loans. A company like Idaho Title Loans, Inc. requires that applicants live in the state so it can accommodate state laws. 

This, and the fact you must be an adult, is why this company requires a valid Idaho driver's license or state-issued picture identification. Those items prove your identity, your age, and your residence in the State of Idaho. 

3. You Must Have A Job

This is a crucial requirement for all payday loan companies. Being employed is the reason why these companies don't need to check your credit. Your job is your credit. They know that as long as you work and draw a paycheck the loan can and will be repaid. 

Idaho Title Loans, Inc. requires that applicants provide their most recent pay stub to show their pay. The paystub is the primary factor in whether applicants are approved and how much they can borrow. 

This makes a cash advance in Idaho one of the few legitimate options that give workers access to funding during an emergency. Many hard-working people may not have a high enough credit score or meet other requirements to get loans from a traditional financial institution. 

4. You Must Have A Bank Account

One of the requirements of most payday loan companies, including Idaho Title Loans, Inc., is that applicants have a bank account. The reason is simple. They deposit the money into a checking account and many companies also set up repayment through that same bank account. 

Idaho Title Loans, Inc. requires applicants to have a bank account that is active in their name to apply. You must bring a blank check with you when you meet a store representative. 

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Getting A Payday Loan

Idaho Title Loans, Inc. keeps the loan request process simple. They offer payday loans from $100 up to $500. The first step is to fill out an inquiry form found on the website. Your information will be securely sent to a store close to you. Those who don't want to fill out a form can also contact a local Idaho Title Loans, Inc. store directly by phone. 

A store representative reviews your inquiry and will contact you. They will look at your information and answer all your questions, then direct you to the store to complete the loan request process. 

You will need to bring your documents when you visit the store and a representative will be there to greet you. While there, they will determine your eligible loan amount with a decision as soon as a half-hour. 

Submit A Form

Submitting an inquiry form only takes a few minutes of your time and it’s a secure form. There isn't an obligation for you to take out a loan but the representative can provide you with details of applying for a cash advance in Idaho.

This type of loan can help in emergencies like a car repair, a home repair, and paying for a doctor's visit. You can find out how much you could qualify for once you talk to a loan representative so fill out an inquiry form today!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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