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9 Ways to Save Money Each Month

You may have heard it before; if you save $5 a month, you save $60 a year. However, the average American household stands to save much more than that. Here's a comprehensive look at ways to save money each month so you can gradually get ahead. We'll also consider how to handle an emergency when you don't have time to save money using payday loans in Idaho

9 Best Ways to Save Money Each Month

1. Examine Your Expenses Every Single Month

A month can fly by like a week, so it might seem a little extra to look at the math of the money leaving your home every month. But our expenses are always in a state of flux.

Expenses and needs change and looking at the numbers on a regular basis will make sure that money that could be saved isn't slipping through the cracks. So, you should make sure that ways to save money each month aren’t hiding in plain sight. 

2. Buy Refurbished or Generic Items

You should work on not paying for the brand name when you buy electronics or other items. Sure, it may give you a bragging point to say you spent all that money on a specific phone. But the generic version right next to it may have the same capabilities, just without the extra expenses of advertising and price gouging. 

Refurbished items also can keep up with their brand-new counterparts. The only major difference between a new phone and a refurbished phone is often a little lint and gunk that's been removed. 

3. Look at Your Subscriptions Regularly

There's a reason why subscription services want you to sign up for automatic payments. It'll make you less likely to evaluate if the subscription is still useful. If you haven't been using the service you subscribed for, you're throwing your money away. 

Ask yourself if you can find the same service for cheaper somewhere else, or if you can do without it altogether. It's one of the easier ways to save money each month. 

4. Meal Plan and Stick to A Shopping List

The folks in marketing that advise grocers how to lay out their stores are counting on you to shop hungry. The layout of a store is designed to get you to come across displays of things that you didn't even set out to buy, cutting into your ways to save money each month.

When you walk out of the store with more stuff than you went in for, it isn't just you. Decide ahead of time what you're eating for the week and stick to that list and what's on your shopping lists. 

5. Cook at Home Instead of Eating Out

You gotta eat. But you don't have to eat out, which is bloated in expense. You'd be amazed at how easy it is to replicate the meals you get at restaurants at home, and for much cheaper. Actually, you can do better than what they offer, since they want to keep their costs cheap.

swap cable for streaming

6. Swap Out Cable for Streaming

$200 a month for cable is the average. No thanks! Switching to a streaming service (and all the popular ones cost less than $100\mo.) is one of the easiest ways to save money each month. 

7. Exercise at Home Instead of The Gym

Your home may not have the gallery of dumbbells and fancy machines that a gym has, but you can replicate their effects with other resistance exercises and cardio. 

There are apps for all kinds of at-home workouts, including cardio, resistance, yoga, and much more. Cancel the gym membership and work out with your friends! 

8. Repair Appliances Instead of Tossing Them Out

One of the top ways to save money each month is to avoid the popular throw-it-away mentality. Stuff that lands in the landfill either needed a new battery or a super-cheap part. Tossing and buying new is trading money for time. Be smart and trade a little time to save money. 

9. Thrift Shop

Why would you find anything good at thrift stores? See item No. 8. The lazy man's trash stands to be your flawless treasure if you're willing to spend a few dollars on a new battery or a replacement part. 

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As For Emergencies While You're Saving

Murphy's law is an actual thing. You can cruise along easily while you aren't saving, but some sort of emergency arises as soon as you put together a plan based on the above. 

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Save The Day With Payday Loans

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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