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What Are The Car Title Loan Requirements In Idaho?

Curious to know about the requirements to get a title loan? If you have ever been denied a traditional loan before, you know it’s hard to satisfy bank guidelines. Instead, you can meet car title loan requirements to get up to $15,000 in Idaho with just a few items.

In this article, we will answer the question, ‘What do I need for a car title loan?’, so you know exactly what you need to qualify.

What To Know About Idaho Car Title Loan Requirements

Auto title loans are a type of short-term loan secured by a vehicle title to a car that is owned outright. They can provide loan money quickly and all credit types are welcome to apply and can be approved. To find out even more, look at the car title loan checklist below.

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What Do You Need For A Car Title Loan?

The main difference between car title loans and bank loans is that a high credit score is not the main determinant for qualifying. Title loan lenders, like Idaho Title Loans, Inc. accept all types of credit making it possible for applicants from all credit backgrounds to get a loan.

While some lenders may inquire about your credit when applying, the result won’t disqualify you automatically, though it may influence the amount you’re eligible to get. But you will still have the chance to take out a loan in the amount that’s based on the value of your vehicle.

At Idaho Title Loans, Inc., we put your needs first. It’s our goal to help as many people as we can receive the help they need. That’s why we take great pride in having car title loan requirements that are easy to meet.

Here’s what you can expect when working with Idaho Title Loans, Inc., including a close look at the car title loan documents that can help you achieve a title loan of up to $15,000.

The Basic Requirements For A Car Title Loan

At Idaho Title Loans, Inc. we make it easy to qualify for car title loans. You only need to provide a few simple requirements to be approved:

  • Be at least 18 years old and prove it with a valid driver’s license or form of identification issued by the state.
  • Have a lien-free title to your vehicle that’s in your name
  • Possess a vehicle and be able to provide it for a quick inspection.

Having a checking account or proof of employment is not part of the car title loan documents we require at Idaho Title Loans, Inc. but if you have that information available it doesn’t hurt to bring them with you when you apply.

What Is A Lien-Free Title?

It’s probably the most important title loan requirement but it just means that your vehicle is paid off and you own your vehicle outright. There must be no outstanding loans or judgments against your vehicle. A lien-free title is also known as a clear title. The title must be in your name to qualify for a loan.

Why Does My Vehicle Need To Be Inspected?

It’s standard for car title loans. With the short inspection, taking about five minutes, our loan representative evaluates the condition and value of your car to help determine how much you qualify to borrow.

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What Is The Car Title Loan Process?

We give you several different and fast options to pursue a vehicle title loan. Here’s all you need to do.

  1. You can start the process online by filling out the title loan form on our website. You just need to provide your name, email address, phone number, and zip code, as well as the year, make, and model of your vehicle. You can also choose to start the process over the phone or by visiting one of our many locations.
  2. A loan representative will call you within minutes after you submit the online form. They will go over the car title loan requirements and answer any questions you have. At this point, you can schedule an appointment at any of our store locations or at any place you choose. Alternatively, you can pursue car title loans online, and in this case, you can choose to meet with a representative at a place that’s more convenient for you, and they’ll drive to the designated location to inspect your vehicle and car title loan documents.
  3. Be sure to have the required items with you when you meet the loan representative. They will perform the short appraisal and calculate the amount you can qualify for. This process can take as little as 30 minutes.
  4. Once you are approved and agree to the loan terms and conditions, you will receive your money that same day or the next business day. Then, you drive away in your car! That’s right! Title loans are secured by the title, not the vehicle itself, so you can keep your vehicle while you make payments.

Get Started Today With Idaho Title Loans, Inc.

Are you wondering, ‘What do you need for a car title loan?’ Unlike conventional loans, car title loan requirements do not go to great lengths to prevent you from receiving the help you need when coping with a financial emergency. 

At Idaho Title Loans, Inc., all you need to do is give us a quick call, visit us in person, or start the process online with our easy inquiry form. If you have any questions about the process or the car title loan checklist listed above, contact us for more information today.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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