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What To Be Grateful For In Life

Life has its challenges, but through the difficulties, there are always things to be grateful for. 

Friends, family, and opportunities are some of the biggest things you can be grateful for in life. Having people around to support you, a family you can rely on in hard times, and opportunities to develop yourself and improve the world around you are some of your greatest blessings.

There are many things to reflect on this Thanksgiving season, and this article will help you count your blessings.

What To Be Grateful For In Life

Friends And Family

Friends and family are some of the most common reasons people give for their gratitude, but that doesn’t make it a cliché. Here are a few reasons why friends and family are the most valuable things you can be thankful for.

  • A true friend will stick with you through thick and thin. Friends have been described as the family we choose, which is all too true when you look back on your life and think about all of the friends that supported you along your journey. 
  • They will support you through your deepest low and celebrate when life is good. Their loyalty, trust, and commitment to loving you make friends one of the most essential resources to invest in as you walk the road of life.
  • People often don’t appreciate how much family influences their daily decisions, motivations, and mood. While you may not always get along with your parents, siblings, and relatives, family is often valued as the most important thing in many cultures. 
  • The people closest to you probably bring the most meaning to your life. If you reflect on your childhood, there are likely countless moments when your family has been there to support you, uplift you when you’re feeling down, and help you through challenging obstacles.

It’s only natural that friends and family are always at the forefront of our minds during a season meant to encourage us to reflect on what we are grateful for.


Another thing to be grateful for is the opportunities you have for self-improvement. No matter where you’ve come from or the difficulties you’ve experienced, life always offers opportunities to broaden your horizons, experience new things, and tackle new challenges.

Whether it’s a new career opportunity, a hobby you want to develop, or a spiritual connection you want to deepen, the opportunity always knocks at your door. During this Thanksgiving, it’s helpful to set aside your daily troubles and think about your opportunities.

Leaves change their colors and teach us how to be grateful.

Good Health And Safety

All too often, people focus on their health ailments and the daily problems that they have to deal with. During Thanksgiving, it’s always good to reflect on the health blessings you have.

Feeling miserable about everything you can’t do is no way to live, especially during a season of thankfulness. As such, try to focus on the following things. 

  • The positives of your health.
  • The community around you that supports your well-being.
  • The family that makes it worthwhile.
  • The modern amenities offer people a degree of comfort and security never seen in history.

While there are certainly still improvements to be made in the human condition, people today generally live in safer environments that suffer from less violence and homes that are less susceptible to the whims of nature.

As such, it’s a good idea to be grateful for the time you live in, the roof over your head, and the good health that has blessed you through the years.

A young black boy shows how to be grateful by holding up a Thank You sign and smiling.

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