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Just Got a Job and Need a Loan? Here's How to Get Money

Starting a new job can be an exciting and much-needed change. It can also be a challenging one if the job change creates a lapse in payment. If you find yourself in need of a little financial help, getting a loan can help bridge that financial gap. Find out below how to get money if you just got a job and need a loan. 

Just Got a Job and Need a Loan?

It is not uncommon for an individual to need help financially when switching jobs. Try as you might, starting a new job immediately after your last day of employment from your previous job doesn’t always work out. There are plenty of reasons why, even if you just got a new job, you might need a loan.

  • Your previous employer may have reduced your hours before your last day.
  • Your new job may have had to postpone your start date due to new hire paperwork processing time, delay in background checks, and other new hire hiccups.
  • There could be an unpaid training period for your new position.
  • When starting a new job your first paycheck is delayed, often resulting in an absence of income for a week (or two if paid bi-weekly).
  • You were let go from your previous job before you could find alternate employment.

Of course, there are other reasons why you might have just gotten a job and need a loan. Whatever the reason, applying for a personal loan with a new job might be what’s needed to keep up with your financial obligations.

A Personal Loan as You Transition into Your New Job

Personal loans are just one type of loan that provides funds to those who need them for unspecified use. Unlike with other types of loans, how you use the funds you receive from a personal loan is, well, personal.

If starting a new job creates a gap in finances and thus creates a financial emergency, the funds you get from a personal loan can be used to meet whatever needs you may otherwise fall behind on. This can include:

  • Grocery bills
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Utility bills
  • Medical bills
  • Travel costs such as gas or public transportation to and from work

Utilizing a personal loan can help bridge the gap while you get settled in your new job. Applying for a personal loan can be fast and simple depending on the type you apply for.

Finding the Right Personal Loan for You

Many personal loan lenders will require that you show proof of income to obtain a loan. This can often be an issue if you haven’t received pay due to the reasons mentioned above. This may limit your options, but you still have them! With a secured loan such as a car title loan, you can get cash fast with little to no hassle applying.

Car Title Loan

A car title loan is a short-term loan that vehicle owners can utilize in such a situation. Instead of having to provide lenders with a source of income to obtain the loan, you would instead provide your lender with the title to your car temporarily.

Your car title acts as collateral with the condition of your car acting as the determining factor for how much you receive in the loan amount.

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Where Can You Get a Car Title Loan and How?

Idaho Title Loans, Inc. has several title loan locations throughout the state of Idaho that offers their customers car title loans of up to $15,000! The required items to apply are less than a handful and the application process can take as little as 30 minutes.

Required Items

  1. Driver’s license or state-issued I.D. showing you are 18 years or older.
  2. Lien-free vehicle title to show you have full ownership of the vehicle with no outstanding payments on it.
  3. Your vehicle to determine the loan amount after a quick vehicle inspection.

Step-by-Step Application Guide

Applying is quick and easy. You can begin the title loan process online or visit your local Idaho Title Loan, Inc. store.

  1. Fill out and submit an online request form to have a representative contact you via phone, or simply call their local facility to speak to a representative.
  2. Speak with the representative about any questions you may have, what items are required, how the application process works and set up an inspection location that works for you.
  3. Bring the required items to the agreed-upon location to have the documents verified and your vehicle inspected to determine the amount of the loan.
  4. Finalize the application paperwork and receive your funds the same day or the following business day.

Get A Personal Loan Today

If you just got a job and need a loan, keep your job change on a positive note, and don’t let the financial gap put a damper on this exciting change. Get your loan application started by submitting an online form today!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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