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6 Important Winter Car Tips And Tricks Every Driver Should Know

Winter is here and the roads are getting slippery again. That’s when following winter car tips is important to keep yourself and your car safe and properly maintained during the winter. Knowing how to escape from a snowbank, how to de-ice your car, and what to include in your car’s emergency kit can save your life.

We present you with the most important winter car tips that you should know to keep yourself safe on the road this winter plus a simple way to deal with emergencies that might come your way using Idaho title loans.

6 Winter Car Tips To Stay Safe This Season

1. De-Ice Your Car with Vinegar

There is very little in life as frustrating as when you are in a rush to get to work, and you realize that your windshield is completely covered in ice. You might be tempted to simply pour hot water on your windshield to instantly melt the ice, but this is dangerous and can make the ice worse.

Instead, a better solution is to prepare a mixture of water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the vinegar solution onto the windshield. This will help you melt the ice quickly and prevent the windshield from re-freezing while you scrape away the rest of it.

de-ice your car

2. De-Ice Frozen Doors, Locks, And Handles

The vinegar solution will also work for more winter car tips since it will help you de-ice your frozen doors, locks, and handles. Another technique is to apply a small squirt of hand sanitizer. The alcohol in a bottle of hand sanitizer will quickly melt the ice and allow you to open your door.

This is important because if you try too hard to open a frozen lock or door handle, your car key can snap off in the lock.

3. Emergency Preparedness Kit

You always want to have an emergency preparedness kit in your car, especially during the winter. Some of the things that you should include in this kit include warm clothes, food, water, flares, a tire jack, a snow shovel, and rock salt or sand.

You never know when you might accidentally go off the road, so it is important to be prepared for that before it happens.

4. Escaping The Snow

There is nothing more frustrating than when your car gets stuck in a snowbank. Especially if you do not have winter tires, it can be easy for your car to get stuck in the snow, so you need to know how to escape.

You can often dig your way out with a snow shovel, but this might not be enough. Your car might need extra traction to escape.

This is why it is important to keep sand and salt in your car. These will help melt the ice and give you extra traction. You can also lay the floor mats of your car under the wheels, and you can do the same with your snow shovel. Sometimes all your car needs to escape is just a little bit of extra traction.

check your tires

5. Check Your Tires

Maintaining your tires is important year-round, but it is especially important during the winter. Make sure that the treads on your tires are not worn down too much and make sure the tires are still healthy. It can be a good idea to switch out your normal tires with special snow tires.

These are made specifically for the cold weather and will keep you safer on the road.

6. Get Your Car Serviced

It is a good idea to get your car serviced at the start of the winter season. This ensures that your car is in good condition and alerts you to any problems that the car might have that you did not know about.

Emergency Response During Winter

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Safety Should Always Come First

Driving in the winter can be a tricky task, especially when the weather gets bad. It is important to follow our winter car tips to keep your car ready and maintained to keep yourself safe while driving.

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