4 Signs You Should Find a New Job for National Work Like a Dog Day (August 5th)

June 14, 2018 | By Louis Tully

Have there been times when you sat and looked at your budget, desperately wishing you made more money? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Is this job really worth it?”

If so, you may be among the thousands of people who are stuck laboring away at the wrong job. But what can you really do about it? Are you supposed to just suck it up and keep plugging away? Do you talk to a therapist about it?

Things to Consider this National Work Like a Dog Day

Fortunately, there are ways to know for sure when it’s time to change jobs, and no, you don’t have to waste an hour talking to your shrink to figure it out. In honor of National Work Like a Dog Day this August 5th, here are 4 telltale signs that you should find a new job.

You’ve Never Motivated

If getting your work done means forcing yourself through it every day, you probably are lacking motivation. Though you might meet all your deadlines easily enough, if the process of getting your work finished on time still feels like an uphill battle, it’s a good indicator you’re not happy at your job.

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You’ve Made Zero Progress

If you’ve been stuck in the same position doing the same job since you started with your current employer years ago, it could be time to start exploring other options.

If your duties, responsibilities, and most importantly your salary, are close to where they were when you first started your job, it’s a sure sign you’re stuck in a dead end position, which isn’t healthy for your life or career.

You’re Constantly Stressed Out

Being stressed out while on the job is somewhat normal for many of us. In fact, some people thrive in the face of healthy stressors in the workplace.

But if you can’t seem to take a quick bathroom break without looking over your shoulder, that’s the wrong type of workplace stress. If your job is keeping your stress levels at an all-time high, it may be time to start looking for a better work environment.

The Thought of Working Somewhere Else Excites You

It’s okay to fantasize about your dream job - we all do it at one time or another. But if daydreaming about any other job has taken a front row seat at your current job, it’s time to actively explore other employment opportunities.

People who consistently daydream about being somewhere else aren’t happy where they are. If this sounds like you, it’s time to wake up and start plotting a new career path.


When You're Ready to Call It Quits

If you’re experiencing any of the above signs first-hand, it’s probably time to start putting together your exit strategy. But before you go tendering your resignation, it is important to get a head start on your job hunt first.

This is where job sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter can really come in handy. Both offer an easy platform for applying to multiple jobs at once while staying on top of all the job openings near you with a single click.

What Are You Waiting For?

Looking for payday loans near you could help if you suddenly lose your job. But if you don’t want to get stuck reaching for one in the first place, why not take the plunge and start your job search today? This National Work Like a Dog Day, stop dreaming about what could be and make a better job and a happier you a reality.