4 Tips to Save a Peep More on a Fun Easter

”Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, hippity, hoppity Easter’s on its way!” That’s right, Easter is right around the corner. Before you know it, you will be getting ready to prepare the annual Easter feast, fill the baskets with candy, and shop for new Easter outfits. It is a holiday that can be deceptively expensive, especially if you are working within a budget.

The traditions that we have passed on from generation to generation sometimes dictate how we think we need to celebrate a holiday, but they don’t have to. A holiday with your family is really whatever you decide to make of it, especially when cash is scarce. So, if you are getting ready to make reservations for Easter brunch and buying expensive new outfits to wear to church, you might be making a big financial mistake.

Stop spending money you don’t have just to keep up with the Joneses and make your holiday fun instead of stressful. It is one of just a few holidays that you get to enjoy with your family and friends, and overspending will ruin the experience. If you are having some money issues, then make the decision to celebrate the holiday without over doing it. If you need a little extra money to fill the kid’s Easter baskets or shop for groceries, there is no shame in using a payday loan to cover those necessities. After all, there’s certain things that make Easter special you shouldn’t have to do without!

You can also find plenty of other ways to reduce the cost of the celebration with a little planning and creativity. Here are a few smart ways to stretch your Easter budget to make the most of your holiday:

Cook at Home

Forget dining out. It is a major expense, and it doesn’t provide the warm family setting that you may want on a holiday like Easter. Most often restaurants are crowded and over-priced on a holiday, so why put yourself through that? Prepare a feast that your family will enjoy twice as much for a fraction of the price. Dazzle them with your culinary creativity and traditional home cooking.

Decorate the House

Make your home look even more inviting with some special DIY decorations you and the kids crafted. It doesn’t cost much money at all because you can use things you may already have laying around the house. For example, with just some construction paper, crayons, scissors and glue, you can make cute little bunny place settings for dinner. It is a way to dress the table and get the kids involved, and only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to DIY holiday decorations.

Clip Coupons

There are always great sales at the supermarket when any holiday is approaching. Once you have put together your menu and made a shopping list, head over to the stores with your coupons. This is a great way to save on your Easter dinner, but you may also find coupons for clothing for you and your kids. If you don’t see a sale at the store you like, then have a quick look online. There are always ways to stretch your dollars on sites like Retail Me Not and Groupon, so why not take advantage of the savings opportunities that are right at your fingertips?

Plan Some Fun at Home Activities

Instead of going out to find fun, there are plenty of ways to have a great time at home. You can have an Easter egg hunt, do an arts and crafts project, or show the kids your baking skills by making some fun desserts. The most important part of any activity is to get the kids involved. They will love being part of the action as much as they love licking the icing bowl when you’re done.